Our Values

Our approach to business puts our clients’ needs front and center.  See how our values ensure that you recieve a top of the line solution, tailored to fit your business.


Our Clients' Success is Our Measure of Success

As a consultancy, we are interested first and foremost in helping our clients succeed.  At Komodo, a solution that can theoretically work wonders but doesn’t fit a client’s business is no solution at all.  That’s why all of our projects begin with evaluative conversations to make sure we understand our clients’ needs at more than just a surface level.  We take technical specifications, staff expertise, business goals, and more into consideration when creating any solution. And if new discoveries are surfaced along the way, our flexible team is happy to make changes to make sure our models evolve to suit our clients needs.  When you recieve a solution from Komodo, you can be sure it will do exactly what you need it to do.  



High Standards Produce Better Outcomes

At Komodo Technologies, we are deeply invested in the solutions we create for our clients, and we never want a product to go out our doors that is anything short of the best we can make it.  This means we set clear goals for every project so that both Komodo and our clients can know that we are not just making an impact, but the right impact.  Our staff is always engaging in continuing education to make sure we can recommend the best stack possible. If it’s got the Komodo name on it, you can be sure that it was rigorously tested and approved!    


Diversity Creates Strong Teams


Teams form the foundation of how we perform our work at Komodo Tech.  Our team at Komodo is intentionally made up of people with wide variety of skill sets, backgrounds, experiences, and expertise.  With experts in data analytics, data engineering, data science, and more, Komodo brings a wide base of knowledge from which to build strategic approaches to problems.  By investing in strong, diverse teams we form the foundation for stronger work, and can fulfill the needs of many different types of clients.


Quality and Accountability go Hand in Hand

We build accountability into the way we do business so our clients are always informed about their project. From regular client meetings to staff notes, you’ll be regularly updated on your project throughout its lifecycle.  Every project has a structure for a handoff built in, including a written explanation of the solution, time for training client staff, and integration with your current systems. Our staff is available to answer questions, and you can access your solution and current work outputs and documentation at any time, so you can feel secure throughout the entire project lifecycle that you are getting what you need.


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