How We Can Help

No matter where you are in the process of using data to help your business, we offer service to help you advance your goals.

I want to see the important metrics for my data in real time.

Business Intelligence

Data isn’t useful if it’s locked away in databases, waiting to be queried.  Komodo Technologies will build data visualizations and dashboards so you can always know the important metrics of your business with a single click.


I want to understand what my data means so I can make better-informed business decisions.

Data Anayltics

Whether you’re looking to expand to a new customer base, optimize your marketing strategy, or reduce the cost of doing business, Komodo Technologies can help you.  Komodo Technologies works closely with clients to understand your business goals, and then develop analytical data models to provide you with the critical information you need.   You’ll never receive generic, one-size-fits-all analysis and reports from Komodo Technologies. We work with you to create data-driven strategies that are customized to your organization, so that you can move your business forward with knowledge and confidence.



I want to use data to predict how my users will respond to my business decisions.

Predictive Modeling

Using the latest in cutting-edge AI technology, Komodo Technologies can build custom models to predict how your company’s customers will respond to the business decisions you make.  The algorithms we build can learn from massive amounts of data to detect trends and predict future behavior. Our algorithms are custom-designed, based on each client’s data and goals.  With predictive models from Komodo Technology, you can optimize business decisions before you make them.


I want to use data to make business decisions, but our data comes from multiple sources, making it is hard to see the big picture.

Data Automation & Deployment

In today’s world, data can come from all kinds of sources, from Google Analytics, to Amazon Webservices to Facebook.  Komodo Technologies can build data pipelines and automation systems custom-designed for your business, so data from all your different data collection services stream directly to one location, and never needs to be updated.


I want to staff a full-time position to deal with our data, but I don’t know how to evaluate an employee with that skill set.

Hiring and Training

If you’re ready to bring a full-time data specialist onto your team, Komodo Technologies can make sure you get a highly-qualified candidate that meets the specific needs of your organization.  We will design customized job descriptions for each position, review resumes, perform screenings and initial interviews. You’ll get 2-3 qualified candidates for each position, and you perform the final interviews to find the top candidate.

If you already have a team member (or a whole team) who is ready to get trained in data science, we can work with your company to build training programs to help advance their analytical skill sets and get them ready to hit the ground running.  We can train each member in a wide array of programming languages to fit the needs of your company.


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